Jederzeit Sicherheit

Online cover

for the Radioshow Jederzeit Sicherheit on Radio80K.
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Invitation card cover
for the exhibition „a skeleton, just like the rest of us“ with the artists Anders Dickson, Berenice Güttler, Andy Hope 1930, Yein Lee, Justin Lieberman, Nadia Perlov, Kristina Schmidt, Frank Stürmer curated by Franziska Linhardt at the galerie 24.10.2020 – 28.11.2020

Documentation of the second semester student work


This documentation presents – among other things – the typographic work results of the summer semester 2020. All students have independently visualised their work for their own pages, re-interpreted it and put it into a different formal context.

In collaboration with Professor Xuyen Dam.

Book about the Video-Test-Signal Generator

Book + Posters

The Video Test Signal Generator was originally used to test video signals. For this project however it was used for video synthesis.


Folder + 2 Magazines + Stickers + 5 Posters included
In 1985, Siemens built a parking garage with architect Hans Maurer in the east of Munich. In collaboration with Carlota Barberán Madruga and Markus Ossenbach, a more contemporary usage and its corporate identity was created.

Lead Sample

Book + 3 Posters

The book Lead Sample gives you an insight to an experimental journey through printing with lead letters.

Dieter Wieland


The German documentary filmmaker and author Dieter Wieland and his socially very relevant comments are the subject of this poster series.

He was one of the first television journalists to campaign for the protection of historical monuments and for the preservation of mature cultural landscapes.

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Portfolio for Artist Boris Saccone

Folder + 21 Viewcards

The portfolio for the artist Boris Saccone was created in collaboration with André Schauer. The different works were printed on a card to give the possibility to lay out the work and to provide an optimal overview. The cover acts as a folder and can be opened twice.

Catalogue for artist Berenice Güttler


Image editing in collaboration with Veronika Schuller. Published by argobooks.  ISBN 978-3-942700-90-0. Design by Martin Vorwerk. Texts by Prof. Dr. Annette Tietenberg, Sebastian Körbs, Berenice Güttler, Dr. Thomas Niemeyer, Helmut Wenzel, Dr. Gabriele Heinen-Kljajić, Thomas Mang

Canti e Frammenti

Digital cover
for the Radioshow Canti e Frammenti on Radio80K. 

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Digital cover
for the radioshow Probiotix on Radio80K. 
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Business card
for the director and writer Jovana Reisinger.